Sunday, May 16, 2010


Mixing clay for the adobe stove. I tried to get a better picture but it wasn't loading.
This is the first day waiting for our transportation from the airport.
A carrier that we rode in a couple times.
Learning to make roti
These two pictures are from my hike on Saturday
This working in the garden at the hospital.


Rowse House said...

Fiji looks like Dominica with waterfalls and lush green every where. It is so beautiful. Looks like your hike was very exciting.

MarjorieChristian said...

oh my goodness! How beautiful!! Please learn how to make food and come back and teach me!

Phillip said...

I also was reminded of Dominicia. Beautiful cataracts with lush greenery everywhere. How fun!

Julie Rowse said...

Man Sherry, when you post pictures of waterfalls it makes me miss Dominica SO bad. Glad you're finding lots to do!! I second Marjie, you'll need to teach us how to make some good grub.