Sunday, May 16, 2010

For the weekend my team and I went to Lautoka and found a beautiful hike to do. Luckily it was overcast and rained a little while we were hiking.
Most of my time has been spent partnering with Gold Foundation and visiting women’s groups in small villages and they are very excited to have us come teach them. Since I am in the first wave of volunteers we are doing a lot of the ground breaking for the rest of the summer, making contacts, and starting up the projects.  We have set up a couple commitments already. This Wednesday I will be teaching the importance of exercise and I’m working on coming up with a routine for them. We also have plans to teach next week too. I will report on them when they are closer.
I have had some questions about the adobe stoves we are helping build. People here cook over open fires either inside their homes or outside and with an adobe stove there is a chimney and this is important because it helps the people not breathe in all the smoke. It also gets hot faster and uses less wood than an open fire.
Today I visited more women’s groups and went to some schools to see if there was anything we could teach the kids. I have already found a couple people that are excited to learn piano or that want to have us teach the kids songs/music.


Rowse House said...

What wonderful experiences. I love hearing what you are doing!! Keep writing.

Phillip said...

What do you teach to the "women's groups" and what goals do you hope to accomplish?

Sherry said...

I teach the importance of exercise/fitness, health, dental hygiene, nutrition and square foot gardening. My goal is to get the women excited and committed to exercising. Another goal I have is to visit at least 2 women's groups a week, hopefully more.