Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Week

Bula! It has been a busy week. I helped build more gardens, a stove and we had some very successful exercise classes. On Friday we went to a town called Nakorokura and they really enjoyed the exercise routine. This week we are going back to that village and Yoladro to do a follow up lesson with the women's groups there and teach them about setting exercise goals. Brita and I made a handout that has exercises on it that they can chose from if they can't think of what to do and we also made a weekly exercise log that they can use. Our goal is to get them to commit to exercise on their own and have someone in their group that they report to each week.
We aslo taught the importance of exercise to a big group of kids and taught them a routine and dance. They really enjoyed it too.
Tomorrow I plan on working with the doctor I talked about earlier. His name is Animesh and he is the one who works in the states for 3 months then volunteers in Fiji or India for the rest of the year. A very poor but happy man.
Culture Experience
On Saturday evening our team was invited to an Indian wedding ceremony, it was so interesting. Everyone there was dressed in their bright colors and the bride and groom were dressed very ornately. The groom reminded me of Aladdin. Throughout the wedding they did many rituals and it lasts for a long time. The married couple don't get to go on their honeymoon for another 2 weeks, I am so grateful for our faster weddings! I am sure you have seen how married Indian women have a red dot on their forehead, I saw how and when they do that. After they marry the couple a blanket is placed over their heads for about a minute and when they take it off the woman has the red dot on her forehead. I took many pictures to share when I get home.

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